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Yakushigama,Maneki Neko Beckoning Cat,Lucky Cat,Success in Love,,Good Relationship on Meeting, It's Destiny or Fate #7351

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Box size: 13cm x 8cm x 9cm

Cats: 7cm high x 8cm wide (both)

Screen: 10cm high

Material: Pottery

Let loose your inner romantic side and treat your loved one to the Loving Couple Japanese Lucky Cat Gift Set! A very cute pair of authentic Japanese ceramic lucky cats with a black base and gold background screen.

The white cats have a left and a right paw raised (inviting wealth and prosperity) have red tipped ears and are both holding a pink heart, symbolising their love for each other! The black Japanese characters on the cat on the left mean, 'good relationship on meeting, it's destiny or fate'!

On the cat on the right it says, 'success in love'! Japanese lucky cats are thought to bring good luck and fortune to the homes and families that adopt them! Exclusive to The Japanese Shop and complete with a smart gift box, we think the Loving Couple Japanese Lucky Cat Gift Set would be a wonderful present for all lovers!