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the Ginza

The Ginza Shiseido Ginza,New Travel Set,Toner 50ml+Lotion 40g+Cleanser 30g+Cotton Pads 40pcs+Cosmetic Bag

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【Set Contains】

Toner 50ml+

Cleanser 30g+
Lotion 40g+
Cotton Pads 40pcs+
Cosmetic Bag

【Product Features】
-Focuses on the physiology of the skin to ensure that life guarding skin remains moisturized and healthy.
-Protects the skin from external environments such as dryness, creating healthy skin*1
-Original ingredient Perceptive Complex EX TM (Moisturizing Skin Conditioning) (Hexadecylenic-origin Extract, Sodium Carboxymethylglucan, Polyquaternium 51, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Glycerin)
-High-quality, refreshing linden scent that calms your daily care routine.

-Allergy tested (this does not mean that everyone is not allergic.)