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Riko Zakka

Takashi Murakami*Mori Art Museum Co-branded Doll ,Roppongi Mori President's Family Dolls/Figures

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These plushies bring the colorful, bold, world of Takashi Murakami to life. Each plush is inspired by a character in some of his most iconic works. Perfect as a display item or as a cuddly friend!

One of the most acclaimed artists to emerge from post-war Asia, Takashi Murakami is known for his signature “Superflat” aesthetic: a colorful, two-dimensional style that straddles the division between fine art and pop culture as it unites elements of anime, Japanese nihonga, and ukiyo-e woodcuts. Common motifs across Murakami’s oeuvre—which spans paintings, sculptures, prints, and more—include smiling flowers, bears, and the Mickey Mouse–inspired character Mr. DOB.