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Sghr スガハラ

Sghr スガハラ Mount Fuji Glass,Wine Glass, Cold Sake Glass, Cups, 280ml SGHR-0150

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Branding Sghr スガハラ
Size Approx. φ59mm x H75mm, capacity: 280ml
Paulownia box size: W107mm x D107mm x H99mm
Color colorless and transparent
Quality Approx. 100 grams
Raw materials Glass
Place of origin Japan
Brand スガハラ(Sghr)

Contents / Text Designers


Tsuyoshi Adachi

Content and text designer, born in 1982 in Tottori, Japan.
Worked at a Scandinavian interior store for more than 10 years and worked as a store manager for about 8 years in Tottori and Tokyo.
He was fascinated by the essential richness of the Scandinavian way of life, and worked on a number of living and coordinating projects in which people could enjoy their own personal style.
In addition, she worked as a brand manager for the import agency of a Scandinavian furniture manufacturer,
In 2022, he returned to his hometown of Tottori and established Folia Interior Division Ltd.
He has worked extensively in interior design, including direction and coordination.