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Okita Sōji「菊一文字則宗」Meitou Paper Knife, Letter Opener, Ornament, Desktop Decoration

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The theme is "菊一文字", the favorite sword of Shinsengumi's first team leader and excellent swordsman, and the design of the hand guard and sword pattern is also very elaborate.
The design of the hand guard and blade pattern is also well thought out. This is a paper cutter that reproduces the beauty of the chrysanthemum blade, and it's one you'll want to own. Each blade is carefully sharpened by a craftsman in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, so you can cut envelopes and other items comfortably with its sharpness.
other items. It comes with a hanging stand, so it will make an outstanding impact if placed in your room. Moreover, when you want to use it, you can quickly remove it and use it without having to search for a paper cutter.
Since it is stored in a sheath, the blade is not exposed and can be stored safely.
[Product Specifications]
■Total length: 210mm
■Blade thickness: 1.8mm
■Overall width: 23mm
■Total thickness: 18.0mm
■Weight: 45g (Blade 35g/Holder 15g)
■Handle: ABS resin, elastomer
■Sheath, mount: ABS resin
■Blade: Stainless steel knife