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Le Creuset Japon KK

Le Creuset x Disney Mickey's Limited Edition White Cast Iron & Enamel Skillet 【18cm】

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Brand : Le Creuset)

Size: 19 (25) cm in diameter (including handle) x 11 cm in height (including lid)

Package Dimensions : 25 x 23.3 x 11.2 cm

Weight: 2.1 kg

Capacity: 1.3L 
Material: Enameled cast iron

*Heat and cold resistance temperature: 250°

The secret to the delicious taste of Le Creuset utensils lies in the high thermal conductivity and heat retention properties of the cast iron enamel, as well as in Le Creuset's unique product design.

The dome-shaped lid, which has evolved over many years of research, has a function called "steam control". The three bumps on the lid allow steam to escape slowly and evenly through the gaps, condensing the flavors. In addition, it is designed with safety in mind, as it is difficult to spill.

The "black matte enamel" finish on the inside has subtle dimples that make it less likely to stick to ingredients, making it suitable for grilling, stewing, and other cooking. It is also easy to clean after use, thanks to its anti-pigmentation properties.

Le Creuset cast enamelware has been a favorite in kitchens around the world for generations. With the excellent heat conductivity and heat storage properties unique to cast enamel, it maximizes the flavor of the ingredients and finishes the dish. Plus, if you bring freshly cooked food directly to the table, you can enjoy it while it's still hot. The refined aesthetics and multiple color variations will enrich your eating lifestyle. Le Creuset creates flavors and moments, and as a fondue that creates memories, it is the perfect gift choice for a loved one.

Compatible Devices: open flame, oven, IH, halogen, dishwasher compatible. (Not for use in microwave)