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カガミクリスタル KAGAMI

KAGAMI Edo Kiriko Sake Single-Sided Decanter 350cc Made by Hideaki Shinozaki (J66-2641BLK) with Wooden Box

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"Edo Kiriko craftsman, Hideaki Shinozaki, utilizes high-purity crystal glass as the raw material, along with the exclusive development of 'sumi-ao' (ink blue), presenting a dignified and serene style. The subtle ink blue gradually overlays on the colorless transparent crystal, creating a distinct color contrast. Through meticulous glass cutting techniques, the beauty of crystal glass is showcased. The unique high refractive index of crystal glass allows the delicate cut patterns at the bottom of the cup to radiate like diamonds.

With delicate Edo Kiriko carved flower glass, different rays of light sparkle from various angles. The finely cut intricate patterns, the perfect weight, and the snug fit when held reflect the accumulated experience of craftsmen over decades, with each pattern representing the essence of Japanese craftsmanship. Comes with an original KAGAMI wooden box, making it an elegant choice for gifting.

【Material】Crystal glass

【Size】Diameter 7.8cm x Height 10cm・300cc (with wooden box)

【Origin】Japan, Tokyo"


"Edo Kiriko Traditional Craftsman, Hideaki Shinozaki 'Reflecting the sparkling world in glass. Pursuing the beauty of cut glass while utilizing the characteristics of the material.'

Continuing the legacy of my father, Seiichi, and his dedication to the craft and tools of Edo Kiriko, I strive to create my own unique Edo Kiriko that meets the needs of the times with a fresh perspective and sensibility."