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Japanese Toy Bath Bomb - Bath Fizz Ball Dissolves to Reveal Floating Toy【MIFFY】

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The Santan Miffy Popular Bath Balls contain a variety of Miffy Bunny figurines that appear when the bath ball is completely dissolved. The cute little dolls are irresistible and make bathing a fun experience.

-When you place the bath ball in the tub, it melts and foams the mascot from the inside at the same time.
※This product is a bath additive, not for consumption, and please do not put the included toy in your mouth to avoid accidental ingestion!
※Applicable age is 7 years old and above, if used for children's bath, need to be accompanied by parents.
※200L for 1 bath ball, please do not overdo it, if you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it, do not put it in a high temperature, humid place.