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株式会社サン アロー

Japan YAYOI KUSAMA Cute Peanut Pendant, Keychain Pendant, Gift Set

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(C) Yayoi Kusama
Mascot | Width approx. 5 cm x Length approx. 10 cm x Depth approx. 5 cm
Box | Width: 12cm / Height: 9cm / Depth: 12cm

This mascot comes with a special polka dot box with a key ring (red) in a special polka dot box, which is created as a motif of the modern artist Isei Kusama "Rosei Dots".

The avant-garde artist Kusama, which has become a hot topic of collaboration with Louis Vuitton and announcement exhibitions that began from Spain, and now became the world "Yayoi Kusama".The "Balloon Soft Sculpture" series is the original art goods from Lambrom, which was launched in her large solo exhibition "Xamatrix" held in 2004, is a long-selling product that was first made by Lambrom, and fans around the world.

Balloon mascot comes in two color types: red dots and white background, white dot and red background.Both materials are made of faux leather that is used in the "Balloon soft sculpture", and due to its sturdy construction, it is small yet luxurious.The top of the mascot also has a silver claw clasp (fittings).