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the Ginza

Japan The Ginza Shiseido Platinum Crystal Renewal Milk, Noblewoman Deep Conditioning Lotion 150g

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Shiseido's top-of-the-line THE GINZA Noblewoman's Deep Treatment Lotion~
THE GINZA is Shiseido's noblewoman skincare product that takes the hidden route.
Pursuing uniqueness and perfection, THE GINZA caters to the needs of different skin types and satisfies all kinds of beauty lovers.
Skincare brand THE GINZA, beyond the concept of cosmetics.
The Ginza is constantly seeking the best answer to this question. It combines next-generation technology and the energy of the source of life.
We use a new approach that emphasizes the enhancement of skin cellular power to create a satisfying and refined skin.
Trustworthy function, strict selection, and honorable persistence.
By striving for excellence in every detail, you are presented with the only truth and everything that is worth cherishing.

Brand Series Introduction

THE GINZA is a line of skin care products that effectively protects against all the factors that spoil the skin's perfection.
A few simple steps will give you the skin you want, while allowing you to enjoy a relaxing experience both physically and mentally.
Designed to address external damage to the skin such as dryness and UV rays, as well as to harmonize with the living environment.
The design is based on the power to solve problems such as how to harmonize the skin with the living environment, with the goal of having a sensory function.
In order to achieve this, we utilize the abundant energy of the earth as raw materials, and
To achieve this goal, we utilize the abundant energy of the earth as raw materials, and use sophisticated technology to make the active ingredients available for use in large quantities.
In addition, all of our products are blended with the linden fragrance, which is highly effective in relaxing the body and mind.
It is a skincare product that improves problems such as deep skin (stratum corneum) and weakened skin functions through a new approach.

Product Specification


Product Characteristics

A functional lotion that regulates the skin and strengthens the skin's repairing power.
A lotion that maintains optimal moisturizing balance for different parts of the face.
Keeps dry areas moisturized and supple, and oily areas refreshed.
A simple basic treatment that takes care of all skin problems.
Suitable for all skin types, especially for aging skin that is unstable and poorly regulated.

How to use

Apply morning and evening, after toner application, press the nozzle twice onto a cotton pad and spread evenly from the center of the face outwards.