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Japan ST Deodorizer, Premium Aroma, kinmokusei / Tanqueray Limited Edition, Room Fragrance / Toilet Restroom Fragrance / Diffuser Stick Bottle Set

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Deodorizing Power Premium Aromaseries is supervised by the Japan Scent Institute. The deodorizing air freshener has a perfume-like aroma that spreads through the air with a blend of fragrance oils carefully selected by a perfumer.
The new "Kinmokusai" fragrance, a limited edition product, has a lovely perfume-like scent with a soft autumnal hue, dispelling the image of Kinmokusai as a traditional deodorizing air freshener.
The packaging is designed with a clean and relaxed feel that is characteristic of the Shoshuriki Premium Aroma series, and features a soft and gentle fragrance that expresses the trendy scent of Kinmokurinosai.

Fragrance: kinmokusei
Content: 400 ml
Ingredients : Inorganic Deodorant, Vegetable Essential Oil, Fragrance, Surfactant (Nonionic, Negative Ion)
Can be used for about 2~3 months, depending on the space and environment.