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Japan Skater Snoopy Training Chopsticks, 3 Steps Phased Children's Practice Chopsticks 2~7 Years Right Handed

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[Step 1]
Using the three rings (thumb, index finger and middle finger), you will learn how to hold chopsticks properly.
[Step 2]
Remove the [movable chopsticks] rings (index/middle finger) and practice the correct fingering.
[Step 3]
Practice is complete so that you can remove all the rings and the chopsticks will not fall off when you use them.

■ Product Dimensions (Chopstick Length)
・14.0cm [excluding the cover (character part)
Raw material resin
Chopstick body/cover: ABS resin: Heat-resistant temperature 80 degrees Celsius
Rings/Silicone resin: Heat-resistant temperature 140 degrees Celsius

☆ Right-handed