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Japan Skater Pikachu Kids Sports Bottle, Stainless Steel Cup Straight Drinking Mug 380ml

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Brand: Skater
Material: Stainless steel body, cap/lid/ring=polypropylene, packing=silicone rubber, bottom plate=thermoplastic elastomer
Color: Pokemon
Capacity: 380 ml
Product dimensions: 7.5W x 20.7H cm
Stainless steel water bottle for room temperature drinks, such as health drinks, etc. It has a one-layer structure designed for drinking at room temperature, so it does not have a cold/warming effect.
Lightweight and easy to carry for walking, running, picnics, etc.

It does not have cold/warm retention performance.
When cold drinks are placed in the container, water droplets will form on the surface of the body, so please handle with care.
Do not put hot food in the container. Doing so may cause burns.
Do not use automatic dishwashers, dishwashers/dryers, or freezers.