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Japan Skater Peanuts Snoopy Antibacterial Insulation Stainless Steel Lunch Box 550ml

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Cute bowl shaped insulated refrigerated lunch box! Suitable for cold noodles, less juicy chai fear or check rice! The center container separates the rice and toppings with a seal so it's less likely to leak juice! Delicious even on top of rice before serving! This is a vacuum double-layer construction bento box with excellent heat retention.
※Do not pour liquid soup directly into the container as it may leak out. It is more convenient to use the convenient pouch for seasoning.
Only the plastic center container is microwave safe. Please never use the main body in the microwave.

Size:Diameter 116xHeight 120mm
Total Capacity:550ml(Middle Container:230ml-Body 320ml)
Intermediate container - center cap: polypropylene (heat-resistant temperature 140 degrees)
Seal: Silicone (heat-resistant temperature 140 degrees)
Base plate: thermoplastic elastomer (heat-resistant temperature 70 degrees)
Body and lid: Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating)
Fixing: Stainless steel
Type of antimicrobial agent used: Inorganic antimicrobial agent
Processing method: Mixed

※Cannot inhibit the proliferation of all bacteria.
※Do not use automatic dishwasher sense dish dryer.
※When heating the middle container in the microwave oven, please remove the middle cover.
※Do not use aluminum cups or tin foil when putting in ingredients as it may cause rust.