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Japan Skater Military Style Antibacterial Lunch Box 840ml

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Brand : Skater
Size: Width 22 × depth 11.2 × height 6.8 cm
Material : lid, body, partition = polypropylene, packing = silicone rubber, stop type = stainless steel
Production country: Japan
Capacity: 840ml
Accessories: Partition

Cocotte-type lunch box with a dome-shaped lid for fluffy serving!
The stylish cocotte type can be used not only as a lunch box but also as a small container or interior decoration!
Slim type that can be held in one hand even with a large capacity
The stainless steel stopper locks securely in place and the silicone gasket prevents leaks.
Taller divider to prevent side dishes from clumping together.
Half of the container holds approximately 2.1 cups of 200ml tea
Dishwasher and dryer safe, microwave safe with lid removed