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Japan Skater Disney Purple Princess Lightweight Kids Student with Shoulder Strap Antibacterial Direct Drinking Bottle Transparent Water Bottle 480ml

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Drinking bottle with shoulder strap, Disney princesses popular with girls, dishwasher safe clear water bottle.

Stay hydrated on all your outdoor adventures with this lovely character water bottle 480ml. 

It can be opened easily by push-type opening. It is light and easy to hold. A wide-mouth type which makes it easy to put ice.

Shoulder strap and name sticker included.

Size: Approx. Width 95 x Diameter 79 x Height 210mm
Capacity: 480ml
Cap: Saturated polyester resin (100 degrees)
Body/lid/belt: Polypropylene (120 degrees)
Packing: Silicone Rubber (140 degrees)
Spring/Pin: Stainless steel
*Please do not put hot drinks, dry ice, or carbonated drinks.
Suitable for use with dishwashers.