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Riko Zakka

Japan Skater Antimicrobial Insulated Stainless Steel Aluminum Lunch Box, Portable and Lightweight 600ml

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Brand :Skater
Capacity: 600 ml
Material: Body and lid / aluminum alloy, thickness 1.0mm (anodized)
Stopper / Stainless steel,
Roller, Packing / silicone rubber
Packing removal tool/ABS resin

★ Tight lunch box made of light and strong aluminum.

★Aluminum construction with excellent heat conduction allows hot rice and side dishes to cool quickly.

★Dome-shaped lid for serving fluffy side dishes.

★A high divider to prevent side dishes from being crowded together.

★The back of the lid has a gasket.

★ Stylish buckle-type stopper with rollers to prevent scratching the surface.

Stylish engraved logo.

★ Half of the lunch box holds approximately 2.1 cups of rice (approx. 200 ml).

★ Dishwashers and microwaves are not permitted.