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Japan SHISEIDO TSUBAKI Premium Hair Repair Mask 180g COSME Awarded

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Type:Hair Mask
Ingredients :Glycerin, Honey, Tea Tree Oil
Styling Effect :Deep Conditioning, Moisturizing, Hair Repair, Anti-Frizz
Hair Type :Curly Hair, All Hair Types, Coarse Hair, Color Treated Hair, Dry Hair, Fine Hair, Normal Hair, Damaged Hair
Active Ingredients :Hyaluronic Acid
Features :All Natural Ingredients, Contains Minerals, Cruelty-Free/No Animal Testing, Fair Trade, Contains Vitamins
Net weight: 180g

Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask makes your hair nice and smooth by repairing ripped cuticles and keeping the hair hydrated.  Packed with beauty and repairing components that penetrate into damaged hair and nurture your hair to the tips.  The hair mask opens the path of cuticles for the components to go through, and the repairing components are made to small enough to get into hair.

How To Use:  

  • After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioning, drain some water off from hair

  • Apply the mask on your hair and rinse off the mask well

  • Rinse immediately can also have enough repair care efficiency

  • Recommended to use 1 to 2 times a week for better results

One of the best things about this TSUBAKI hair mask is that it slathers on and washes off with 0 seconds of waiting. The reason why it can do 0 seconds is because it uses advanced and exclusive luxury repair penetration technology. Through the widening, penetration, sealing three steps, to help expand the hair absorption channel, simply put: the same use of time and the use of the premise of the amount of time, 0 seconds hair mask can let the hair "eat" into more nutrients.
Simply apply it to your hair and rinse it out as a conditioner, which is really convenient and time-saving, reducing hair care time by half. High-quality camellia essential oil repair nutrients quickly penetrate into the hair core, smoothing damaged hair scales, and then the royal jelly hydroponic repair, moisturizing and nourishing, adding hydrolyzed shell hard protein to rebuild the structure of the hair.
The texture is lightweight Very easy to wash The smell is also very good, is very fresh camellia + fruit fragrance, leaving a very long-lasting fragrance. Super safe temperature, all hair can be used, no coloring, no preservatives, safe to even pregnant women can rest assured to use. Do not pick hair, dry hair, oily hair, fine and flattened hair, rough and easy to knot hair, coarse and hard forked hair, bleaching and dyeing damaged hair, can be used.
Before using it, squeeze your hair dry and squeeze it until it doesn't drip for the best results. Then apply the hair mask evenly to your hair, massage it gently and rinse it off.