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the Ginza

Jpan Shiseido Ginza Noble Housewife Series, Cleansing Milk, Facial Wash,130g Upgrade

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Shiseido's top brand THE GINZA Noble Cleanser 130G.
From Miss Jing Tian's live broadcast of the same cleanser THE GINZA.
The product is the most cutting-edge brand in SHISEIDO, the world only Japan domestic distribution.
Domestic Japan only Tokyo Ginza THE GINZA main store, the Imperial Hotel store, and Japan's major international airports are sold.
and Japan's major international airports are sold, general SHISEIDO counter is not to buy.
Product packaging is very simple top quality.
The product concept focuses on damage to the skin "dryness" "oxidation" "ultraviolet rays" "tension".
Recognizing that skin changes with the environment and seasons.
The ideal of giving the skin sufficient and necessary active ingredients to make the skin feel perfect.
Using the latest science and technology and the mysterious active ingredients created by the earth fused together.
Extremely luxurious feeling of use and pleasant scent makes the skin feel relaxed and gentle.
It is the perfect basic cosmetic product that moisturizes and brightens the skin.

Product Characteristics

A very rich lather that leaves skin soft and supple after washing.
Using selected detergent ingredients, only excess ingredients are removed without damaging the skin's moisturized environment.
Effectively removes dirt while maintaining the skin's moisturized glow.
Improves the strength of the skin to a certain extent.
Adds immunoglucan, which detects lowered immunity.
Improves immunity and regeneration function, actively promoting in cells.
Sensing the humidity and the amount of water inside the skin, keeping the skin properly hydrated.
Replenishes the insufficient moisture due to changes in humidity.
Adds orchid root extract, an extract from the roots of 4 types of orchids.
Suppresses the adverse effects caused by acidification.
Promotes the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin.
Restores skin's tone, elasticity and moisturization.
Adds the scent of linden tree.
This cleanser is designed to relax your body and mind while cleansing your face.

How to use

Apply morning and evening, take about 1 centimeter onto the palm of your hand.
Work up a lather and wash the whole face with a gentle massage.


1 Make sure that there is no abnormality on your skin.
2 Discontinue use in case of discomfort or allergy.
3 If the product gets into your eyes, rinse with water immediately.
4 Keep out of reach of children.

2021升级新款 资生堂 THE GINZA 柔澈贵妇洁面乳130G商品描述