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Japan Seastar babysmile Kid's Electric Toothbrush S-204 Blue/Pink

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Brand: Japan babysmile
Name: Children's electric toothbrush
Specifications: electric toothbrush + replacement soft brush
Applicable people: from the age of 0 years old (grow out of the upper incisors to start)
Product Effect:Prevent tooth decay Cultivate children's interest in brushing teeth
Storage: Avoid heat, humidity and direct sunlight, and store in a cool place.

■RAINBOW Light & White LED
Colorful lights will attract children in daily brushing.
The RAINBOW light flashes by pressing the POWER switch once.
Press the switch twice to stop the light in your child’s favorite color (NEW)
The white LED is turned on and vibration starts by pressing the POWER switch third time.
■Sonic Vibration
The sonic electric toothbrush that makes 16,000 movements per minute
Kids Electric Toothbrush BabySmile S-204P
■ECO & Safety Design
The power is automatically turned off two minutes after power-on.
■Water Resistant
Can be kept and used in the bathroom. (IPX7 compliance)
Triangular grip
Ergonomic design for easy holding(NEW)
■Identification Ring
Color rings included for easy identification.
How to use
1.Touch the bristle to the tooth surface, and then press the POWER switch.
2.Brush the teeth by moving the bristle up and down.
3.After use, press the POWER switch to turn off the light and vibration. Then, clean the bristle with reference to the Operation Manual.
Product Name Kids Electric Toothbrush BabySmile S-202
Model Number Pink: S-204P, Blue: S-204B
Materials Main Unit: ABS, TPE
Soft-Bristled Brush: (Head) ABS, TPE (Bristles) Nylon
Speed of Vibration 16,000 movements / minute
Size Approx. H167 x W25 x D28 (mm)
Weight Main unit: 33g * Batteries excluded.
Power Source One AAA alkali battery (Not included in package)
· The brush is consumable. Replace brush when bristles begin to fray or rattle because of part wear.
· Clean the product only with water or lukewarm water. Otherwise, discoloration or deformation of the product may result.
· Do not heat the product in a microwave oven for sterilization. It may cause the breakage of the main unit or brush and may lead to injury.
· Do not use solvents such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol.
· Water entering the product may result in malfunction.