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Japan Plumpy Animal Shape Stainless Steel Fork and Spoon Set, Natural Wood Handle, Japanese Cutlery, Multiple Animal Shapes to Choose from

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【Name】Plumpy animalchildren's fork and spoon
【Body material】304 stainless steel
【Short handle material】wood (polyurethane coating)
【Popular elements】soft cute healing system
【Color classification】Shiba Inu Bear Cat Rabbit
【Applicable people】Children
【Place of origin】Japan

"Plumpy" means "plump," and the Plumpy children's dinnerware set features adorable round animals.
The handles are made of natural wood, which gives a warm feeling and echoes the animals, creating a cozy atmosphere at the table.
The rounded animal face and body lines fit securely in the hand, making it easy for even smaller children to hold.
The large opening makes it easy for even children who are not good with utensils to scoop and stick food.