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Japan Pigeon Pacifiers,breast feel nipples Sizae S 2PCS from 1 months

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Pacifiers head can be stretched and not easily deformed: as elastic as mom's breasts.
Pacifiers can be stretched to match baby's tongue movements and will not collapse and deform in baby's mouth.
The baby's tongue movements are the same as when drinking breast milk.
Let the baby drink smoothly and securely.
Wide mouth structure, real touch: can let baby's mouth grow, soft texture.
The texture is soft and plump like mom's breasts, and the touch is similar to mom's breasts.
The baby's mouth can grow like when sucking breast milk, and the baby will not feel any foreign body sensation when drinking milk.
Y type L size, suitable for babies over 1 month.
Can be sterilized by boiling, detergent and microwave.
Use with Breastfeeding bottles
Use with Breastfeeding Special Cleaning Brush to rinse and wash.
Material: Silicone
Suitable age: from 1 month
Guidance on choosing the correct size of Pacifiers: Use Pacifiers with the appropriate Pacifiers hole.
Pacifiers of different sizes provide the right amount of milk flow for babies at different stages of development.
Cleaning and sterilizing: Wash and sterilize the teat thoroughly before use and immediately after each use.
It is recommended to wash the teat with warm water containing detergent and leave it to dry to keep it clean.
Sterilization can be done by soaking in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, disinfectant solution, steam sterilizer and microwave sterilizer box.