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Japan Pigeon Pacifier Cleaning Brush Set of 2

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Brand: pigeon
Name: Standard Pacifier Brush 2pcs
Material: brush head (polyurethane) handle (polypropylene)
High temperature resistance: handle heat-resistant 120 ° C, brush head heat-resistant 80 ° C
Place of origin: Japan

Designed to resemble the nipple head so it can be cleaned snugly, the handle is long and easy to use with a brush that can clean the inside of the nipple.

Specialized brushes are ideal for long, thin and K-shaped teats. Cleans the small grooves on the back of the teat.
High-quality polyurethane sponge will not damage delicate teats.
Thoroughly washable and made of fine polyurethane bristles.
Can be cleaned without turning the teat inside out and fits the shape of the teat.
Shaped like an easy-to-grip stick for gentle cleaning.
How to use:
Wash the nipple with bottle wash and rinse with water.
When using the pacifier brush to clean the inside of the nipple, use your index finger against the nipple head to avoid damaging the nipple tip.
Wash and dry the brush thoroughly after use.