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Japan Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors (From 3 Month)

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Nail scissors perfect for the small, soft nails of babies. The blade's edge is rounded, and the blade itself small and thin, so can be used with peace of mind on babies. The handles are made using resin containing an anti-bacterial agent for hygiene.
When not in use, you can store with the blades in a protective cap.
For 3 months and older
Ingredients/Materials: High carbon stainless steel, ABS resin, polypropylene
Size: 15 x 1.5 x 8cm
Weight (item only)[G]: 30
Made in Japan
Manufacturer Name: Pigeon
Handling Precautions:
・This item is scissors for the purpose of cutting nails in the home. Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Take proper care not to cut your baby's finger when using this item.
・For safety purposes, keep out of reach of children. Also, do not store around your legs or in places where it may fall.