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Japan Pelican, Hip Soap Peach Hip PP Soap, Hip Melanin Removal, Whitening Armpit Joints Whole Body 80g

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Scent:Honey, Kiwi, Rose, Aloe Vera
Material Feature :Natural
Pelican Loving Butt and Hip is a heart-shaped Japanese body soap specially developed for washing hips and buttock. Recommended for people who want to take care of their skin by taking off old cuticles and keeping the skin moisturized.
Blended with scrubbing and peeling ingredients such as peach scrub powder, konjac (konnyaku), fermented rose honey and fruits acid. Contains 6 kinds of moisturizing components; loquat extract, kiwi extract, artichoke extract, aloe vera and peach leave and seed extract.
Has a sweet and pleasant aroma of peach.
Instructions :
Make the soap wet.
- Slide the soap on your hip, butt or other parts of your body with circular movements. - Rinse-off with warm water.
Details: Net weight: 80g
Place of origin:Japan