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Japan NIPONN KODO Line Incense, Premium Trial Incense 6 Flavors (Kara Daikan / Vajra / Shushan / Violet / Rose / Jasmine)

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【Brand】Nippon kodo
【Item Form】Sticks
【Scent】Kara Daikan / Vajra / Shushan / Violet / Rose / Jasmine
【Product Benefits】Smoothening,Stress Relief,Clean

Tasting 6 kinds of TRADITIONAL incense
~ Spinning with Fragrance, Connecting through Fragrance

Wooden Incense
Wooden Incense is an aromatic wood that has been cultivated over a long period of time in the richness of nature.
Please enjoy the endless charm of agarwood and Kyara, which are full of elegance.

Special Hana-no-Hana HANA-NO-HANA premium
A long-selling brand that has been loved for over 100 years since the Meiji era (1868-1912).
It is a gorgeous incense like a perfume.

An assortment of six traditional types of incense recommended for trials and gifts.