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Japan NIPONN KODO Incense Hana-no-Hana 30pcs ,Gift Box, Mixed With 3 Scents (Rose, Violets and Lily) with incense stand

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Hana-No-Hana - Japanese premium incense sticks with the scent of lily, violet or rose
With the historic Hana-no-Hana series, you will encounter unique art nouveau design and exclusive premium fragrances from Nippon Kodo. With unique floral fragrance elements in the top note and a long-lasting sandalwood-musk aroma in the base, each incense refines your ambience.
The new Hana-no-Hana series combines traditional Far Eastern culture with Western fragrances to create an unforgettable experience.

The Japanese premium incense sticks from the Hana-No-Hana range are ideally suited for relaxation - whether for meditation, yoga or wellness treatments.

In the assortment, you will receive all three varieties of rose, violet and lily including a ceramic incense holder in a noble wooden box.

Rose: Based on the exquisite rose, you can expect a brilliant, sweet, floral-woody fragrance made from high-quality Indian sandalwood and enriched with a soft musk aroma.
Violet: The light scent of a lovely bouquet of violets in the top notes and a long-lasting sandalwood musk aroma in the base.
Lily: With a focus on fresh white lilies, you can expect a green-floral fragrance - bittersweet like leafy greens. It is a dignified green-floral -woody fragrance made with premium Indian sandalwood and enriched with a soft musk aroma.

30 incense sticks in a noble wooden box, 10 per variety
approx. 10 min. burning time per incense stick
incense stick length approx. 5,5 cm
incl. ceramic incense holder