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Mama & Kids

Japan Mama & Kids UV sunscreen lotion, baby hydrating moisturizing sunscreen lotion, UV protection SPF23

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【Type】UV Sunscreen Lotion

【Suitable for】all skin types.
【Applicable parts】 Whole body
【Sun Protection Index】 SPF23
【Color classification】Milky white
【Applicable people】Applicable from birth
【Place of origin】Japan

Description of goods: mama&kids baby UV sunscreen lotion , SPF23PA + + + , to prevent sun tanning and sunburn, double care baby. Refreshing non-greasy, no burden on the baby's skin, water feel easy to push not false white, do baby's portable umbrella.

Directions for use:
Apply evenly in five spots
Apply an appropriate amount of sunscreen, dotting it on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, and smoothing it out gently in a circular motion.

Protect your neck from the sun
Any exposed skin is susceptible to tanning (don't neglect the back of your neck either) Smooth out the texture of the back of your neck and apply deep into it.

Pinch and apply with fingertips
Grab the ear and apply from the back of the ear to the base of the ear. (Apply to all areas that are not covered by your clothes.)

Feet and wrists
Apply both inside and outside
Apply to arms and legs in the same way, dabbing sunscreen at equal intervals on both the inside and outside, then wrapping your palms around to spread evenly.

Adults can also use
Low-stimulation sunscreen is recommended for pregnant women and sensitive skin. It is recommended that you apply it every 2-3 hours.
Apply once every 2-3 hours.