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Mama & Kids

japan Mama & Kids Stretch Mark Prevention & Removal Lotion,Natural Mark Cream150g/470g

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Brand: Mama&kids
Product Name: Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream
Product Specification: 150g/470g
Product Effect: Preventing stretch marks and strengthening sebum
Skin Type: Multi Skin Type
Place of origin: Japan

Japan TOP1 anti-stretch mark product!
Non-irritating, weak acidity, pure plant formula, good ductility.
Deeply moisturize skin, increase skin elasticity, prevent and fade stretch marks.

Your skin is most vulnerable and delicate during pregnancy when the body grows faster than the skin can cope, causing the elastic fiber under the skin to break which results in stretch marks.

Mama & Kids Natural Mark Cream is a Japanese stretch mark body cream that helps to get rid of these visible marks result of the sudden stretching of the skin.