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Mama & Kids

Japan Mama & Kids oligo,Pregnancy & Nursing,Moist Shampoo/Conditioner 300ml,

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Mama & Kids oligo black sugar moisturizing shampoo~
Damaged hair is in a state where the proteins (hair amino acids) necessary for beautiful hair are lost from the interstices of the cuticle.
(hair amino acids) are lost from the interstices of the cuticle.
Therefore, Mama & Kids' Brown Sugar Moisturizing Shampoo
contains up to nine amino acids to prevent the loss of water-elemental amino acids from the hair.
The fine lather with ceramides
Keeps hair and scalp moisturized and shiny.
It is also good for color-treated hair.

Product Characteristics
Lock hair amino acid composition, give hair sufficient nutrients
Silicone-free formula for gentler hair care with low irritation and high moisturizing ingredients.
Oligo and 9 Amino Acids
Oligo: effectively prevent hair damage and shedding and
Hair loss caused by abnormal hormonal regulation after pregnancy and childbirth.
9 Amino Acids: allow hair to repair damage caused by UV rays and the environment.
Fine foam with ceramides gently cleanses and repairs hair.

Product Benefits
It can help to reduce postpartum hair loss.
There is no artificial fragrance, very gentle and comfortable to wash.
After shampooing, the hair can also be more voluminous and will not stick to the scalp.
Prevent dry scalp, hair soft and shiny with.
Reduces flaking cuticles.

Product Ingredients

Amino acid and silk washing ingredient (mild amino acid washing ingredient)
Super Oligo・9 types of moisturizing amino acids (moisturizing)
Ceramides・Corneal Barrier Protection Film (Corneal Strengthening Ingredient)
Argan oil and olive oil (UV protection and care ingredients)

Content volume


How to use
Wet hair well, take an appropriate amount of this product on the hands
Massage the product into the hair and rinse with water.
It can be used by people with dry hair and children with sensitive hair.