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Mama & Kids

Japan Mama & Kids Milky Lotion 150ml/380ml

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【Type】Milky Lotion
【Applicable people】Applicable from birth
【Place of origin】Japan

[Product Features]:
This product only extracts the necessary nutrients needed by the baby's skin, is and in the mother's stomach amniotic fluid composition of the same 8 amino acids, to give the baby's skin moisturizing and pampering. Close to the fetal fat composition, strengthen the baby's skin own defense ability, sustainable and effective care of the baby's skin, refreshing and comfortable, non-greasy feeling! Baby moms can use.

(1) A body + face moisturizer that can be used from baby onwards.
(2)1 bottle can fully achieve a balanced replenishment of moisture and oil.
(3) Fragrance-free, colorless, weak acidity, low irritation, suitable for newborn babies and sensitive skin, eczema skin baby use.

【Method of use】:
* Apply at night before bedtime to achieve full moisturization overnight.
* Moisturize dry areas. For example, baby's buttocks, knees, elbows, and face.
* Use during the dry season of fall and winter. Moisturizing Lotion is suitable for the following times
* Spring and summer dry moisturizing. This means that it doesn't feel sticky on the body and face after application.
* For short-term moisturizing treatment.
* A simple moisturizer for busy mornings.