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Japan MAMA&KIDS Milky Cream Baby Cream Moisturizing Hydration Baby Anti-Drying Additive-free Body Cream 75g/310g

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Effect: moisturizing moisturizing mild skin-friendly
Product Specifications: 75g/310g
Target group: newborn babies can be used, dry skin people are also applicable
Place of origin: Japan

Ingredients with close to amniotic fluid, containing amniotic fluid ingredients in the eight amino acids, with fetal fat components close to the moisturizing substances. The baby's skin is protected from the harmful effects of cosmetic ingredients.

Mineral ions close to amniotic fluid in the womb, a protein structure similar to breast milk, and emulsions similar to fetal fat set up a barrier of skin nourishment. It is also suitable for the body care of infants and mothers.

It is the best choice for babies and postpartum moms! A gentle skin care that moisturizes the skin while providing perfect hydration for daily use. Provides a protective film on baby's skin, locking in moisture and protecting it from external aggressions.