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Mama & Kids

Japan Mama & Kids Big Kids (from 4 years old), Cream 90g

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【Brand】MAMA & KIDS
【Specification】 90g
【Place of origin】Japan

A non-greasy yet moisturizing emulsion cream for daily whole-body care for kids (4 years old to pre-adolescent).

It helps children's skin, which is prone to dryness due to low sebum production, to be moist and healthy, while at the same time protecting it from external stimuli such as dust and dirt.

Please have an adult check for any residue before applying the cream.

The "Mom & Kids Kids Line" is a skincare line for children between the ages of 4 and 10 (pre-pubescent) with developing skin, while the "Baby Line" is recommended for children between the ages of 0 and 3, considering the immature skin of babies.
No fragrance, no coloring, no parabens, no alcohol (ethanol), no mineral oil, no petroleum surfactants

Skin allergy tested*2 ●Food allergy tested*2 ●Skin patch tested*1 ●Patch tested with the cooperation of people with sensitive skin*1 ●Patch tested with the cooperation of people with a predisposition to atopy*1 *1 Not all people's skin will be suitable for this product.

2 Not all people are free from allergy.

2 types of ceramide, squalane, and high-purity sunflower oil (protective barrier ingredients) ●8 types of amino acids, xylitol, and betaine (moisturizing ingredients) ●2 types of LIPIDURE® and moisture magnet (moisture veil ingredients) ●Natural vitamin E (prevents oxidation)

Ingredients: Water, squalane, BG, glycerin, isostearyl isostearate, olive fruit oil, behenyl alcohol, jojoba seed oil, lauroyl glutamic acid di(phytosteryl/octyldodecyl), polyglyceryl-5 stearate, glyceryl stearate, xylitol, Pentylene glycol, glycosyl trehalose, betaine, cholesteryl isostearate, sunflower seed oil unsaponifiables, hydrogenated palm oil, hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch, sodium hyaluronate, hydrogenated lecithin, ceramide 2, ceramide 3, cetyl PG hydroxyethyl palmitamide, serine, alanine Glycine, glycine, glutamic acid, lysine HCl, threonine, arginine, proline, PCA, PCA-Na, sodium lactate, isomerized sugar, 2K glycyrrhizate, polyquaternium-51, polyquaternium-61, cholesterol, lysine sodium dilauroyl glutamate, dimethicone, myristate polyglyceryl-10 acid, tocopherol, carbomer, phenoxyethanol