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Mama & Kids

Japan, Mama & Kids,Baby Amino Acid Cleansing & Moisturizing Body Wash 460ml

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【Brand】Mama and Kids
【Name】Baby Foaming Cleanser
【Product Specification】 460ml
【Suitable for】Newborn babies
【Manufacturer】Natural Science Co,Ltd
【Expiry date】 three years from the date of production, recommended to be used up within one year after opening.
【Place of origin】 Japan

Amino acid cleaning ingredients thoroughly cleanse the skin without removing too much sebum.
It contains moisturizing ingredients that gently moisturize baby's skin, and is mildly acidic to prevent eye irritation.
It can be used for both face and body.

*Fragrance-free / Color-free / Low irritation / No added preservatives (Praben) / No added alcohol (ethanol) / No added mineral oil / No added petroleum-based surfactant