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ランドリン Laundrin

Japan LAUNDRIN Fragrance For Car, Air Vent Perfume Balm, Car Aroma Classic Flower Scent

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Laundrin Car Fragrance Car Aroma~
No matter what the moment, you'll have your favorite scent with you.
Clipped to the air vent, this deodorizing car fragrance uses the classic floral scent that is the No.1 most popular fragrance of the Laundrin brand.
It gives off an elegant scent like a perfume.
Unisex fragrance for both men and women brings you an elegant mood.
Stylishly designed as a decorative ornament.

Product Features

● Elegant scent with stylish design and comfort for any car.

Using Laundrin's classic floral scent, it interprets the comfortable environment in the car with a unique fragrance that

It is a classical and elegant scent with the impression of a transcendent and elegant mood.

The sophisticated package design performs a higher level of automobile life.

Scent lasts for 30 days

The scent lasts for 30 days and eliminates unpleasant odors.

(*The duration of the scent varies depending on the environment and conditions of use. The feeling of the scent varies from person to person.)

●Types of scent clips for air vents

Easy to use and simple to install.


Flavors, DPG

Precautions for use

●Do not use it for other than its intended purpose.

●Do not attach to the driver's side air conditioning vent.

●To prevent it from falling off, secure it in a position where it will not interfere with driving.

●Install the product in a position that does not interfere with the operation of the airbag system.

●After installing this product, never use the air conditioner's swing function in order to prevent it from falling off and interfering with operation.

●Please check carefully as it may not be possible to install it sometimes due to the shape, thickness, and depth of the air conditioner air supply opening.

●Not for drinking: It is harmful to human body.

●Please wear gloves when installing for people with weak skin.

●Do not place it within the reach of children.

Laundrin 朗德琳 车载香氛车用芳香剂 经典花香商品描述

Laundrin 朗德琳 车载香氛车用芳香剂 经典花香商品描述

Laundrin 朗德琳 车载香氛车用芳香剂 经典花香商品描述