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Japan Kosaido Yojo Yojouzanshin −Lotus- Flameless Essential Oil Thread Incense, with Incense Stand

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【Product name】Incense sticks without fire, Yojo Zanshin "Yojo -Ren
【Manufacturer】 Kosaikado
【Fragrance System:】Floral
【Fragrance】natural rose oil, natural geranium oil, lotus leaf.
【Product size】 Fragrance oil: approx. 3 cm (diameter) x 6 cm (height), incense holder: approx. 2 cm (diameter) x 0.4 cm (thickness), reed stick: approx. 0.2 cm (diameter) x 13.4 cm (length)
【Packaging】carton Packaging size: L 15.5 cm x W 9 cm x H 4 cm
【Content volume】15ml
【Place of origin】 Japan
Kosaido Yojo has just brought in diffuser-type incense sticks that allow you to enjoy the fragrance of incense without using fire. Yojo zanshin" is a term mainly used in the tea ceremony, which means the spirit of hospitality that one reflects on one's actions of the day while drinking the remaining tea after the tea ceremony is over and the guests have left, and continues thinking about the guests after the ceremony is over. This product was born from the desire to preserve the action of prayer even if fire cannot be used or there is no smoke.

Fragrance: Rose oil of natural origin, geranium oil of natural origin, etc. dripping on lotus leaves as drops
Set includes: Fragrance oil (fragrance and solvent), reed stick, incense holder