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株式会社 香彩堂

Japan Kosaido Yojo Kyoto Low Smoke, Low Smoke Thread Incense Set (5 types)

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Organic Daily Incense
Low Smoke Incense 

This selection of low-smoke incense fragrances gives you something for every occasion, a range of scents for every mood.

Five Elegant Kyoto Thread Incense Flavors

Saihou Incense: brilliance. A blend of rose and musk, the fragrance is of a stary night, with falling cherry blossom petals in clear night sky.
Towa Incense: bracing. The fragrance is like the endless horizon of the sea. The blending of bracing and crisp marine scents.
Tenku Incense: elegance. The enchantment of gossamer clouds in the morning sky. A blend of ylang-ylang and ambergris (amber and sandalwood).
Nenju Incense: refreshing. The calm, stillness of a solemn lone keyaki (zelkova tree). A blend of zelkova leaves and sandalwood.
Mihotoke Incense: nostalgic. The compassion of Buddhism that has been taught through centuries. A calm and uplifting blend of chinaberry and sandalwood.

20g each (about 100 sticks) x 5 types
Burning time 15-17 minutes per stick