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Japan Kobayashi One drop Deodorizer and Anti-bacterial , Natural Fragrance 20ml

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KOBAYASHI Toilet Deodorant - Green Herbal Incense (20ml) One-Drop is a toilet deodoriser for a fresh fragrance deodorising unwanted odours Product Details One-Drop Deodoriser is small and easy to use, ideal when travelling or for use at home.

The small bottle fits easily inside your handbag or pocket. To get rid of potentially embarrassing odours, simply squeeze a single drop into the toilet bowl before using it. Odours are quickly deodorised and replaced with a forest scent.


How to use
Pour 1-2 drops into the water in a bucket.
*Every time one drop, about 640 times a day.

Fragrance, plant extracts, glycol ether
Does not affect septic tanks.

Attention - Matters
1. Do not use for other purposes
2. Please do not put it in the place where children and mentally retarded patients can easily access to avoid accidental ingestion.
3. Do not place in hot and humid places under direct sunlight.

Emergency treatment
1. If it gets into your eyes, do not rub your eyes and wash them immediately with plenty of water.
2. If accidentally ingested, please spit it out immediately, drink a lot of water and bring this product to a doctor.
3. If accidentally dripped onto the gasket, please wipe it off immediately.