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Japan KINCHO Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Flower/Fruit Scent 30pcs

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■ Simply attach to your wrist and ankle.
■A mildly scented insect repellent that can be used like an accessory.
■Silicone ring rubber, perfect for children and adult wrists and ankles.
■Includes 5 cute colors and shapes rings.
■Simply understandable for one day, the effect lasts for about 12 hours.
■Even if you lose the effect, you can still use it like an accessory.
■Includes aroma ingredients from fruits that insects don't like. Insecticidal ingredients are not included.
■These effects have been confirmed in fire ants designated as specific extraterrestrial organisms.
■Effects do not change even if it gets wet in water.
■There are 30 pieces that you can use with family and friends.

How to use
・Take the ring from the inner pocket of this pouch, and after using it, put the inner pocket back into this pouch.
・The 2-4 fine 2-4 on wrists and ankles and use it.
・In places where there are many insects, increase the number and use it.
・It is more effective when used on both wrists and ankles. Ali and Fire Ants should be used on both ankles.
・The effect lasts for about 12 hours. (However, the effect depends on the wind direction and the environment in which it is used).

Ingredients ・ Raw materials
Perfume, silicone rubber

Size ・ Specifications
[Applicable pests] Yusurika, butterflies, ants, fire ants
[Effective time] Approx. 12 hours

・Do not use anything other than the application program.
・It is not possible to consume this product.
・If you feel itchiness, eczema or redness, etc. during or after use. Please stop using it immediately and wash it well with water. If you make a mistake, rinse your mouth with water.
・If you feel any physical abnormality, take this product with you and consult your doctor.
・Be careful when using this product as children may accidentally swallow it.
・Especially those with weak skin or allergic constitution should be careful not to use it.
・This product is for wrists and ankles. Do not use it anywhere else. Also, do not use it on your neck.
・If you experience tightness or discomfort when applying it to your wrists or ankles, do not use it.
・Do not wrap it tightly. Risk of poor circulation.
・Depending on the storage conditions, there may be a drop in seasoning in the inner bag, but there is no problem due to the performance.
・If you are stung by a fire, receive a doctor immediately.
- Fire ants are aggressive and may attack in a group if they irritate the nest, so please do not approach fire ants and fire carelessly.

Precautions for storage and use
・Avoid direct sunlight and keep it in a cool place out of the reach of children.
・When storing, return this bag with the inner bag and close Chuck securely.
・Throw away and dispose of it according to the instructions of the local authorities.