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Japan ITO Facial Cotton Tissue, Pearl Cotton Towel, Disposable Cleansing Towel, Large Thick Roll, Wet & Dry 80pcs

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  • 【Brand】ITO
  • 【Ingredients / Materials】 Pulp and artificial silk without fluorescent additives
  • 【Weight [g]】 250
  • 【Unit count 】80 count

Product Key Features

  • 【Skin Type】All
  • 【Color】White
  • 【Features】Latex-Free, Natural, Disposable
  • 【Material】Cotton
  • 【Type】Cotton Pad

ITO Disposable, Soft and Resistant facial dry wipes.

Multiple functions are used as wipes for cleaning hands, face, both for adults and babies.

100% cotton non-woven fabric:Make sure your face, shoulders, and neck are clean

Professional makeup remover face towel: Easily remove your makeup oil, mascara, nail polish, It is a multipurpose big beauty cotton pads set!

Easy to carry,:Handle design, small size can be used outdoors,environmentally friendly and easy to degrade.

Tear resistant & Ultra Absorbent:ITO Facial Cotton Tissue will impress you WITH THE quality and durability,Made of cotton fabric, resistant to tearing.Dry and wet used super fast absorbent

How to use

1. Dry use: use a face towel to absorb moisture after cleaning.

2. Wet use: Clean the skin with water, remove make-up with micellar water, remove the mask with the wet wipe, remove the enamel from one, etc.

Handling precautions:  
・ Please use for cleanliness such as makeup.

・ If it does not fit your skin, stop using it.

・ After opening, tie the string and keep it clean so that dust and dirt do not enter.

・ Please keep away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.

・ This product does not dissolve in water.