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Japan inujirusi Postpartum Power Girdle, Postpartum Girdle Phase II N3807RR

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【Product name】Postpartum Power Girdle
【Item No.】N3807RR
【Color】 pink,champagne
Mesh 1: 69% nylon, 31% elastane, Mesh 2: 85% nylon, 15% elastane, Fleece: 100% nylon, Lining side: 74% polyester, 26% cotton.
【Place of Origin】Japan

Inujirusi Postpartum Strength Band~
For use during the second stage of postpartum body contouring.
Patented cross design, effectively tightens the abdomen, tightens without strangulation.
Four memory keel design, support the waist.
Adapt to different stages of waist circumference, wide range of adjustment.
Bilateral design, selected soft fabrics, comfortable and breathable.
The back is made of explained elastic mesh to strengthen the tightening strength and fix the free fat.
Internal buckle design, better fix the wearing position.

Product Features

1 Crossed waist design, easy to wear and effectively tighten the abdomen and waist.
2 The second stage of strengthening the abdomen, tight but not strangulation of the four seasons.
3 Widened and enlarged velvet surface, increase the adjustment amplitude, suitable for different periods of adjustment.
4 Double fishbone soft steel support waist and back, binding force evenly distributed, effectively tighten the waist and abdomen curve.
5 Breathable elastic net support on the back, suitable for long time wearing.
6 Bow and lace design, more feminine.

Applicable time

Before and after 2 weeks postpartum
For normal delivery - 2 weeks after delivery, for cesarean delivery - after wound closure, 8-12 hours per day is recommended.
Can be worn continuously during the day, not recommended for sleeping at night!

Wearing method

1 Fit the belly band to the waistline and secure the two inner adhesive buckles.
2 Thread the right side strap into the left side gap first, then secure the left side strap to the right side.
3 Adjust the position and tightness.

Product Color

Skin color

Precautions for use

Recovery after childbirth varies from person to person, so please use it after consulting with your doctor.
Please be sure to consult with your doctor if you were born by cesarean section or if you are not feeling well after giving birth.
Please choose the right size and wear it correctly. Please be careful not to tie it too tightly.
If you experience discomfort while wearing the product, stop using it immediately.
Do not use if there is inflammation, damage, or other abnormalities at the wearing area.
If there is any abnormality such as a rash, stop using it and consult a doctor.