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Japan inujirusi Postpartum Pelvic Girdle, Black Nylon N3810

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Product name】Postpartum Pelvic Girdle
Item No.】N3810
Place of OriginJapan

During pregnancy, excess nutritional intake caused a lot of fat in the abdomen to take advantage of the situation, resulting in sagging skin into a big belly figure curve out of shape.
After the birth, even if the weight is restored to the past, but the curve of the body can not be restored.
The so-called care products are lifting the gravity to fix the sagging fat in the right position.
The product will put proper pressure and practice collagen and muscle, so that it can achieve the effect of movement.
Because of this, the elasticity can be improved and the sagging can be solved. And it also serves to protect the abdomen and insulate it.
Inujirusi's Maternity Pelvic Straightening Belt is designed with an "I" type of force, which perfectly fits the curve of the hips.
It can perfectly fit the curve of the buttocks, and the I-shaped keel support, together with the auxiliary belt reinforcement, can lift the buttocks in place.
The effect of lifting the buttocks is more in place, can balance the fat support lumbar vertebrae, tighten the span, to help quickly restore the delicate curves after delivery.

Size Description

M (Hip 87-95cm)
L (Hip 92-100cm)
XL (LL) (Hip 97-105cm)
XXL (3L) (Hip 102-110cm)

Time of use

It can be used about two weeks after delivery, after the discharge is finished.
Use it during the daytime after delivery, but not at night.
It is recommended to keep wearing it until about half a year after delivery.
The best time to use
Within two months after delivery, when the pelvis is very soft and easy to correct, it is also the best time to wear the orthodontic belt.

Applicable to

Mothers who have had a normal delivery or a cesarean section

How to use

1 Grasp the ends of the pelvic belt with both hands and place the pelvic belt in the center of the buttocks.
Lift the upper edge of the pelvic band slightly upwards with both hands to place it under the pubic bone and the lower edge of the pelvic band to place it on top of the large bone.
2 Then attach the adhesive tape on the front of the pelvic band.
3 Next, adjust the four straps on each side of the buttocks, starting with the lower straps on each side and ending with the upper straps on each side.
Finally, adjust the upper straps on each side so that the pelvic band can drag the buttocks well and pull the buttock muscles.

Warm Tips

Weight gain of less than 8 kilograms in the tenth month of pregnancy - it is recommended to choose the same size as before pregnancy.
Weight gain of more than 8 kilograms in the tenth month of pregnancy - 11 kilograms or less - it is recommended to choose one size larger than the pre-pregnancy size.
Ten months of pregnancy weight gain of 11 kg or more - recommended to choose two sizes larger than before pregnancy