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Japan inujirusi Belly Band, for use in mid- to late-pregnancy HB8055 Pink

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Product name】Belly Band(for use in mid- to late-pregnancy)
Item No.】HB8055
Color pink
Material】80% nylon, 15% polyester, 5% spandex
Place of OriginJapan

 M (Surrounded by 78-100cm around the abdomen/85-98cm around the hips)
 L (Surrounded by 88-110cm/Hips 90-103cm)
 LL (Surrounded by a stomach of 98-120cm/hips of 95-108cm)
 3L (Surrounded by 108-130cm/100-113cm hips)

Inujirusi Honpo Maternity Belly Band Pink~
This Inujirusi pregnancy belly band has a three-dimensional cutout for the abdomen.
Cross design, freely adjustable for effective belly support.
With Velcro fastening, the pressure is freely adjustable.
Meanwhile, it has high elasticity, which can adapt to the belly that gets bigger during pregnancy.
Back high elasticity mesh, effectively support the waist and back.
It can relieve the waist pain and other problems during pregnancy.
Selected mesh fabric, comfortable and breathable, 3D three-dimensional design.
Comfortable belly support, back arc cross design, increase the support strength does not slide.
High elasticity adjustment, can cope with the gradually growing belly during pregnancy.
Increased mesh support, comfortable to reduce to not pressure.

Product Features

Cross-wrap design, more effective in sharing abdominal pressure.
Large area perfectly wrapped to protect the abdomen, safe and comfortable.
Soft material, skin-friendly, suitable for all seasons.

Product material

80% Nylon, 15% Polyester, 5% Elastane

Applicable Period

Mid to late pregnancy

How to wear

Wear it against your belly as shown.
The right tow strap is incorporated into the left side.
Finish by tightening the left and right adjustment straps.

Attention to use

Please fold the self-adhesive tape inward to avoid hooking on other clothes when washing or removing.