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Japan HYPER BLOCK MASK Big Kids Mask 5pcs for 9-12 years old children

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For 9-12 year olds in middle and high school.

Japan JHPIA National Mask Industry Association Certification

Body color :white
SizeJunior size :approx. 145mm x 90mm
Shape: Pleated type (use-as-you-go type)
Target: Wind, pollen, dust, etc.
Material:Body and filter (polyolefin)
Nose fitter, comfort wire part (polyolefin)
Ear straps (polyester/polyurethane)
Place of origin: Japan

Precautions for use and storage
Discontinue use if symptoms such as itching or rash appear.
Not for use in places where harmful dusts or gases are generated, or for the purpose of preventing them.
The mask material itself has a material smell.
Discontinue use if you feel sick or suffocated during use.
Keep out of reach of infants.
Avoid storing in high temperature and humidity.
Do not use near fire.
This product is a single-use product. It cannot be reused by washing. For functional and hygienic reasons, we recommend using one sheet per day.
Please note that depending on individual differences, there may be a gap around the nose and glasses may fog up.
After opening, place the mask in the bag, seal it, and store it in a clean place.