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Japan EDO GLASS Mt. Fuji Snow Mountain Glass, Creative Iceberg Glass, Crystal Whiskey Glasses in Wooden Boxes

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【Material】Crystal Glass

【Size:】short models: Ф92xH95MM capacity of about 300ML
              Tall model: Ф76xH150MM Capacity about 400ML
【Place of origin】Japan

The design of this glass comes from the beautiful Mt. Fuji. The designer has skillfully designed the crystal glass base to look like a mountain, and the unique design comes to life, vividly depicting the beauty of the mountain.

This glass reflects the color of your drink beautifully on the mountains of Fuji on the bottom of the glass. You can also enjoy the taste of your favorite beverage, but you can also look at it.

Its beauty lies in the mountain in the cup. When you drink milk together, you see snow-covered mountains, and when you drink green tea together, you see a mountain full of green plants. When you drink red wine, it immediately turns into a burning volcano.