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Japan EDISON Hello Kitty Right-handed Children's Learning Chopsticks

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Character Family: Hello Kitty
Character: Hello Kitty 
Recommended age: 2+ 

Product type: Chopsticks
Size (Chopsticks): 0.4×0.4×18.1cm / 0.2"×0.2"×7.1"
Size (Case): 0.5×0.4×14cm / 0.2"×0.2"×5.5"
Material: ABS resin, Silicone rubber, Polypropylene
Weight: 26g 

Enjoy eating with Hello Kitty while practicing chopsticks.
For training chopsticks with right hand.
Simply slip your finger into the ring.
These chopsticks can be used immediately and correctly.
These chopsticks are designed to hold your fingers in place and support the correct way you hold.
Use the proper way to hold while eating
This product is easy to use and is unique to the real thing.
The chopstick tips are wide, and the anti-slip treatment makes it easy to grip.
The interlocking part secures the chopsticks one by one to prevent crossing.
The connecting parts can be separated for easy cleaning.
Comes with a dedicated case for perfect storage and clean storage.
Convenient to carry for going out or lunch boxes.
Recommended for children from 2 years old to preschool.
The heat-resistant temperature of chopsticks is 198°F (90°C), and the case is 244°F (120°C).