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ChuChu Baby

Japan chuchu baby Children Bitter Nail Water / Weaning Cream 10g Byebye Thumb Sucking Cream

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Product Description:CHUCHU Weaning Cream
Product Brand:CHUCHU
Warranty: unopened 36 months
Origin: Japan
Net content: 10G
Ingredients: water, squalane, glycerin, benzyldinammonium (safe bitter ingredients, edible), etc. Product features: plant purification, no hormones, no fragrances, no coloring, no stimulation, more than 99% of the food ingredients, safe and star!
1. Apply the appropriate amount evenly coated in the toddler often eat fingers, mother's breast parts, etc.;
2. After application, observe the baby's activity status, to avoid playing with the fingers at the bye-bye cream rubbed off or sucking and fade, should be coated in a timely manner.
1. If skin abnormalities such as wounds, eczema, red mids, itching, irritation, etc. occur, please stop using immediately. If continue to use, the symptoms may worsen, if necessary, please consult a dermatologist.
2. Avoid placing in high temperature, low temperature, humid environment for storage.
3. Do not store in direct sunlight.