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Japan BANDAI Toys Bath Ball, Soaking Ball, Dissolved with Toys Floating Out【Shinkansen】

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【Type】Bathing Ball

【Sze】 D 52 x W 120 x H 140 mm.

【Contents include】JR Train
-There are five trains in the series, and one comes with the machine.

【Scent】Soap Scent
【Recommended Age】3 years and up.
【Ingredients】Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium sulfate, amylodextrin, polyglycerin-3, fragrance, blue 1, red 106.

How to Use:
Add 1 piece in the tub (about 200L) of warm water and mix well before bathing.
1. Peel off the transparent film of the bath ball. Soak the hot water in the bath and gently pour the paspool.
2.Bath balls are foam into hot water and melt little by bit.
3. When the bath ball melts, the figure will float from hot water.

・Do not put the packaging material or this product in your mouth, as it may cause suffocation.
・Do not give it to children under 3 years old to avoid accidental ingestion.
・This product is bath salt. Do not use it for any purpose other than licking, throwing or bathing. If swallowed, take measures such as drinking plenty of water.
・If there is any abnormality in your skin or constitution, please consult a doctor before use.
・If there is any abnormality such as rash, redness, itching, irritation, etc. after use, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
・Please keep it out of the reach of children. When using it, please use it under the supervision of a guardian.
・Do not exceed the amount, such as adding another during use.
・Do not use in a circulating bathtub. Also, do not use in cypress or marble tubs, as they may lose their properties.
・Use immediately after opening. Do not store in high temperature and humid places.
・The remaining hot water can be used for washing. But please avoid soaking and use on soft materials, please rinse with tap water. Be aware that color may transfer to clothing if less hot water is used.
・The smell of bath salt may be transferred to the toy.
・Do not leave toys in the bathtub after bathing. Accidents such as sewer blockage may result. Toys may change color if rubbed hard with a towel.
・Do not place toys on resin sofas, seats or tiles, the color may transfer.
・When taking a bath, be careful not to slip and fall in the bathtub or bathroom.