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Japan ANCORA Fountain Pen Limited Set Ziyanghua Fountain Pen Set Box (Nib 14K, MF (Medium Fine))

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Brand :Sailor
Type:Fountain Pen
- Pen Nib: 14K
- Metal parts: Gold IP finish
- Pen core: black
- Character width: 7 Character width Extra fine (EF) / Fine (F) / Medium fine (MF) / Medium (M) / Broad (B) / Zoom (Z) / Music (MS)
- Cartridge/converter type
- Body size: φ17 x 124mm (including clip)
- Body weight: 16.8g
■Fountain pen ink inhaler converter
- Color: Natural
- Body size: φ7.5×69mm
- Body weight: 2.8g
■Dye bottle ink limited cherry blossom color
- Color: Burgundy
- Capacity: 20ml