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Japan ALBION SKIN CONDITIONER Medicinal Skin Conditioner Essential Toner ,Healthy Water330ml

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BRAND :Albion

Packing Spec:330ml

Country of Origin : Japan

Skin Type:All Skin Types

Body Area:Face, Neck

Features:All Natural Ingredients

ALBION Healthy Water~
A miracle in the world of skincare with high quality that has been passed down by word of mouth.
It has been 42 years since ALBION Healthy Water was launched.
At the beginning of its existence in 1974, without any advertising and promotion
The product has been recognized and loved by more and more users by word of mouth alone.
As a classic product of the brand, ALBION Healthy Water, which has been recognized by many famous beauty awards, has been recognized by many famous beauty awards, and has been recognized by many famous beauty awards.
ALBION Healthy Water, a classic product of the brand that has been recognized by many beauty awards, continues to protect the skin with its unchanged ingredients and formula.
The classic "healthy water culture" has created a miracle of beauty, and after 42 years of testing, ALBION Healthy Water has become one of the most popular products in the world.
ALBION Health Water is loved and supported by countless users.
Creating countless touches and receiving countless praises.
Allowing users of any age and skin type to obtain a comfortable feeling of use and a real maintenance effect in every season.
In the future, the classic health water will continue to write a new chapter of skin care, so that the "ALBION legend" will continue forever.

"The Secret of "Job's Tears of the North

Albion has invested 20 years of research into the top-quality Job's tear grains, "Job's tear grains of the North", and has brought them to the cold climate of Hokkaido.

The variety of Job's Tear, which was originally born in the temperate zone, has been cultivated in Hokkaido, where the climate is very cold.

This makes "Job's Tear" very cold-resistant and vigorous.

It is the only variety of Job's Tear that has been certified as a medicinal herb in Japan.

The Job's tear grains used in the health toner are not only organically cultivated

It is also cultivated in the field that meets the JAS standard set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

Through the careful care of experienced and professional farmers, the use of pesticides is minimized, and the plant grows as naturally as possible.

The natural growth of Job's tear grains is as natural as possible, resulting in the strong life and vitality of Job's tear grains, which are nature's blessing for beauty.

In order to extract the active ingredients of Job's Tear, ALBION insists on the use of the "bursting" method.

ALBION insists on using the "bursting" technology to remove the hard shell of Job's tear seed, turning it into a thin plate.

The hard shell of Job's tears seeds is removed by ALBION's "bursting" technology, which turns it into a thin plate to extract the more concentrated essence.

Six effects of health water

1 Clarifying and translucent:

Promotes the breakdown of melanin in mylanin, adjusting the skin to prevent brown spots and freckles.

It cleanses the cuticle, and gives a transparent glow from the bottom of the skin.

2 Moisturizing Elasticity:

Excellent skin affinity and penetration.

Deeply moisturizes and replenishes the skin's interior, leaving the skin continuously moisturized and elastic.

3 Smoothing roughness:

Promotes the metabolism of keratin to restore healthy smoothness.

4 Refreshing Conditioning:

Regulates the balance of oil and water in the skin, refreshing and comfortable without stickiness, calms redness and prevents skin from becoming red.

Calms redness and prevents roughness and acne.

5 Firming and Lifting:

Improves skin texture, smoothes and firms the skin, prevents fine lines, and gives the skin tension and luster.

6 Soothing Repair:

Soothes and calms unsettled skin.

Allows the metabolism of problematic skin to return to its normal cycle, adjusting the skin back to a healthy state.

Product Characteristics

Healthy Water can be used regardless of the season, age or skin type.

It can be used regardless of the season or skin type, and can be used for 365 days to protect your skin, leaving it smooth, clear, and healthy.

A refreshing, cooling sensation that moisturizes the skin and restores it to its optimal state of health and well-being.

The skin is moisturized and rejuvenated with a combination of botanical extracts such as Job's Tear, Horse Chestnut, and Witch Hazel.

With its superior skin-friendliness and penetration, it effectively promotes healthy skin metabolism and comprehensively relieves various skin problems.

Helps to restore normal keratin metabolism cycle to dysfunctional skin.

Rich plant-based astringent ingredients are added to tone the skin's texture and increase its elasticity.

Soothes skin after sun exposure, restoring sun-induced dullness and deepening of skin tone to its original fairness and clarity.

Combined with high-performance medicinal whitening ingredients, it whitens the skin from the bottom of the skin.

Natural plant cornflower extract is a highly restorative ingredient that strengthens the skin's hydration and gives the skin the most abundant moisturizing feeling.

It also improves the skin's self-defense, so that the skin is free from summer oiliness, winter dryness, sensitivity, redness, peeling and other troubles.

How to use

When using with Albion lotion, use lotion before Toner.

Because Albion lotion has a softening effect on the skin, the ingredients in the lotion are more easily absorbed by the skin.

The order of care → Cleanser → Lotion → Toner

1 After cleansing, wipe and massage your face with Healthy Water and press a cotton pad back and forth across your face to ensure that your skin absorbs the Healthy Water.

Then pour the Healthy Water into the palm of your hand and pat it over your entire face.

2 Soak a cotton pad with Healthy Water and apply it topically on the area of concern to calm, repair and remove redness on the skin after sunburn and allergies.

3 Dampen a cotton pad with Healthy Water and spend 30 seconds - 1 minute a day

Apply it to the T-zone with a gentle massage and wipe to effectively improve the formation of blackheads.

4 After using a cleansing mask, apply Healthy Water to the face to tighten and refine pores.

5 Key maintenance: with ALBION pure cotton paper mask, face 10 ~ 15 minutes, after use, gently pat the face to promote the absorption of essence ingredients.

1~2 times a week. Continuous maintenance, so that the skin keratinocytes show moisture and healthy radiance.